Ventoux Classic 2017

Ventoux Classic 2017

April 30, Provence:

Didier Bremond, with his exuberant bimota YB6 exup, took part in the historic hill climb road race that unfolds along the streets of the legendary Mont Ventoux, a spectacular location of exciting challenges! Great interest among the many enthusiasts who have been able to admire directly live this bike. So, with increasing enthusiasm, we give welcome on the bimota sponsored by Bimota Classic Parts at Didier, which in addition to the hill climb road races will also participate in race on the track ... new and wonderful emotions for all bimotisti!

Merci, merci beaucoup Didier


Varano de' Melegari opens the race season, an absolute spectacle with a lot powerful bimota bikes and top riders. Sure, On the livery of these extremely strong and wild two-wheeled ladies you can find the beautiful stickers Bimota Classic Parts for sponsorship.


The new season for The Zeugen Bimota's Racing-Team started with good placement and precious points for the final classification! In fact, Jürgen Luther (#13) in the circuit of Franciacorta, after qualifying has found the right feeling with the brilliant bimota DB2 carefully prepared by Olaf Zahn obtaining interesting results in perspective of the next races. Great enthusiasm in the paddock: some bimotisti took advantage of the Easter weekend to enjoy the show directly coming in the circuit riding their bimota! A perfect mix of exciting races, enthusiasm and passion, the Bimota Classic Parts is proud to be the main sponsor of this strong and powerful team.

GO GO GO Zeugen Bimota's Racing-Team ! FORZA Bimota Classic Parts

“Three, tow, one… we are racing in the Isle of Man!”


Ben Wylie in the Superbike race unleashed the full power of his Bimota BB3 reaching the remarkable speed of 125,530 mph (202.02 km/h). Absolutely unmissable PokerStars Senior TT Race with our fearless heroes Ben Wylie (44) and Brandon Cretu (69), they gave indescribable emotions to the many fans present along the route in six adrenaline laps.

Thanks to Constantine Blias and Ben Wylie was set up a pecial section (for the happiness of the many bimotisti ) dedicated to BimotaClassicParts, here you will see also the Bimota YB4 that it will race at the Classic TT on August.

Ben Wylie analyzes his TT : «The Bimota BB3 has come so far over the winter, I was consistently 4mph a lap quicker than 2015 with much more to come so all very encouraging. The team I had around me were absolutely spot on, nothing missed a beat all fortnight. A few issues which were more bad luck than anything else in the races meant results perhaps don't show where we're at. I was lapping considerably faster than I ever have, doing it every lap including from a standing starts». Thanks and looking ahead: «I have been really lucky to have the best bunch of guys around me, not only at the meeting but also the ones who helped us make it there. Thanks so much to all of you, looking forward to the rest of the season!»

Full speed adrenaline and absolute spectacle!

Brandon Cretu describes the sensations experienced during these 15 days : «Bimota team ran flawless pit stops for me in this race and worked hard the past two weeks. I can't thank them enough. I didn't break any personal bests this year but that's the way it goes sometimes. I still got over 120mph (eventually!) and I know I am capable of far more here just gotta have it all click I suppose. Roll on to next year! - Brandon, with all his enthusiasm, yet expressed his best thanks - Massive thanks to all of the support and all of my sponsors. I wouldn't be here without all of you! Also, thanks to the TT for once again having me here, it is an absolute honor!»

Horacio fast as the sea Adriatic wind


Jarama, Madrid. In classical and historical madrileño circuit, Sunday 1 May there was the first edition of JARAMA RACER EXPLOSION, whit the participation of many fans on their bikes Cafe Racer and the twentieth century sport bikes.

An event intensely inserted into the nightlife and more intriguing glamor: the program, in fact, provided the day before an aperitif in the morning and dinner - for a great end - in the barrio de Malasaña of Madrid. During these events was much talked about bikes and philosophy that makes unique and fascinating the world of two wheels.

The bike that garnered the most attention catching looks and appreciation was a powerful Bimota YB8 Furano. The owner, Horacio Rico, is a real bimotista with considerable skills as a pilot. Bike and rider are followed, with spare parts and accessories, from Bimota Classic Parts - to improve its driving and sporting qualities - it become the main sponsor - clearly visible on the gleaming fairings.

«Initially, I had some problems with the EXUP valve, and the tires were too hard - for a cold day - to achieve remarkable speeds. Once this first phase of setting, it was exciting to riding on this historic circuit showcasing the full potential of my Bimota YB8 Furano», Horacio describes his emotions on the track. A day lived intensely in the most genuine charm of the classic motorcycle scene, excited by the sound of motorbikes eager to showcase all of the excellent engine and chassis qualities.

Certainly, very soon, we will see on the track this Bimota YB8 Furano, eager to show to all fans his overwhelming racing spirit.

For all fans of the twins, of duels turn after turn never leaving the fight, and foor who want to see more and more Bimota on track… 

On the BATTLE OF THE TWINS (BOTT), during the format Meeting Moto d’Epoca, you can see in the race - and in the paddock - the performance of the Bimota DB5 of BRT prototipi team (, masterfully piloted by Luke Bassetto (7). Each round of this championship is impossible not to get carried away by passion, fun and endless adrenaline.
Do not miss the next races: extra trophy appointment on July 10 in Magione circuit, and always on the Umbrian circuit in September the Meeting Moto d'Epoca (valid for the final classification).

Bimota Olaf

Bimota DB2 Olaf Zahn


Classico Moto Franciacorta 2016

Klassik Motorsport

26 - 27 Marzo 

Bagnara, Brescia – The Zeugen Bimota’s Racing-Team (Olaf Zahn - Jürgen Luther) raced in the Franciacorta circuit with two Bimota DB2 SR, leaving his mark on the asphalt and in the final classification: with an excellent fifth place. It was a great success for the team, which has as main sponsor the Bimota Classic Parts. The two Bimota were within Class "Top Twins", in which motorcycles twins can race: air-cooled 990 cc and 650 cc water-cooled.

Bimota Olaf

Jürgen Luther

During free practice on Friday, Jürgen, with its DB2 SR white was involved in a crash with its off-piste at the last turn before the finish line; fortunately only some little bruise and some nice clawed on the fairing - in addition to the damage of the gear lever.

Bimota Olaf

Zeugen Bimota’s Racing-Team

On Saturday, after becoming acquainted with the 2,500 meters of the circuit, all the drivers gave their best during the qualifying sessions. After which, the Zahn-Luther duo obtained the eighth position on the grid. «This result is not too exciting, but all riders were very fast» Olaf summarized the result.

Sunday adrenaline rose to very high levels, with two intense and spectacular races, the Japanese bikes have demonstrated their potential being able to get the better of the determined Ducati engines. In the two races the better of the two ensigns Bimota was Jürgen, clinching fifth place in both races. The carnet of Zeugen Bimota's Racing-Team is enriched with the following excellent results: they were the fastest Bimota in the race (in fact, Michael Hoheisel - with Bimota DB4 had to settle for seventh place) and a sensational second place for motorcycles air cooled.

Pit lane

Bimota DB2 SR on the track

Jürgen Luther (13), gave a brilliant analysis of the race: «I was bruised after the crash during Friday practice, so fifth place is very satisfying. Moreover, Olaf did a great job: performed repairs in a single hour, so I had a chance to get familiar with this short track. - Jürgen adds, stressing the importance of the result - In each race was a small success to keep behind the 525 (Michael Hoheisel - Bimota DB4, ed). I must admit that sometimes it was hard, because Michael Hoheisel is a very experienced pilot.»

11 giri – 27,71 km - Classifica: 1. (1) Uwe Zimmermann – SSZ Racing Team – Suzuki SV 650; 2. (83) Christian Kemper – Kawasaki ER6; 3. (88) Sören Bauer – Bauer Motorsport – Wenz-Corse Ducati Pantah; 4. (8) Thomas Streinz – Ducati 900; 5. (13) Jürgen Luther - Zeugen Bimota's Racing-Team – Bimota DB2; 6. (45) Valentino Frankenberger – Moto Officina – Ducati Unico 900 V2; 7. (525) Michael Hoheisel – Bimota DB4; 8. (489) Daniela Klernentz – Suzuki SV650; 9. (6) Toni Elf – Dasschiein Racing concept – Ducati 900 SS; 10. (9) Thorsten Müller – Kawasaki ER6
Fastest lap for Zeugen Bimota Racing-Team: at 7th lap with 1'26.947 (average speed of 103.54 km/h)


T-Rex Racing Developments Team

Double jump into the legend at Barry Sheene Festival of Speed – 2016

Eastern Creek, AUSTRALIA - Chas Haren, a young Australian rider, won the race BARRY SHEENE TOP 50 with a Bimota YB5 and claimed, showing grit and considerable skill, the P6 Sydney Motorsport Park lap record.

The event: The Barry Sheene Festival of Speed is much more than just a motorcycle race. With the passing of Barry in 2003, the annual meeting was born out of the recognition of Barry’s achievements as well as his love of motorcycling. The event is a celebration of his life, the fun, friendships and on track rivalries that take place throughout the weekend of 18 - 20th March 2016. It showcases riders from bygone eras and the machines on which they honed their skills, with special guests for 2016 including Freddie Spencer, Kevin Schwantz, Steve Parrish, Kork Ballington, Graeme Crosby and Jeremy McWilliams just to name a few.

The circuit: Sydney Motorsport Park - Brabham Drive, Eastern Creek (40 kilometres west of the Sydney)
Lenght: 4.500 mt


Bimota YB5 1988

T-Rex Racing Developments Team: Peter Hern, Buck Rogers, Chas Hern (pilot) e Rex Wolfenden.

The bike: Bimota YB5 1988 Engine: FJ1220 Yamaha with a Compression ratio of 10.8:1. Modifications include 1mm oversize pistons, Custom camshafts, Lightweight Crankshaft, Carrillo Conrods, Dyna Ignition, Keihin 37mm CRS Carburettors, Over Racing Exhaust (Japan) with a power output of 145hp at 9,500rpm. Chassis: Bimota YB5 with two piece fiberglass race fairings, hand made aluminum petrol tank, 43mm KYB front forks, Venhill Stainless Steel brake lines, twin 320mm NG Disc Rotors, 4 piston Brembo calipers, Ohlins rear shock, lightweight alloy wheels with a 3.75x17” front and 6.00x17” rear, Pirelli SC2 Super-Bike slick front tyre and Pirelli SC0 Super-Bike slick rear tyre. The Bimota YB5 in race trim has a dry weight of only 175 Kg.

The project: Rex Wolfenden from T-Rex Racing Developments a long time motorcycle builder and is known worldwide for some of his previous projects. His bikes have won many Australian and International events to date. 2016 was a new chapter for Rex as the BSFOS was the first event for his latest project the Bimota YB5. Rex had decided to build the YB5 in the later half of last year: «I chose to build the Bimota mainly because of what the name “Bimota” meant to me. It’s a very special brand, a motorcycle built using technology above its time» . «I have obviously made my own changes to the original YB5 to better suite the class - Rex gives some details about his new project - I will be entering the machine in but all in all this has been an amazing experience and we are still in early development stages».


Pole position Chas Haren

Classes (reference to Chas race):
PERIOD 5 [P5] – FORGOTTEN ERA (1st January 1973 – 31st December 1982) Unlike Period 4 machines outlined above, slick tyres can be used – although methanol fuel cannot. TYPICAL MODELS: Ducati 900SS; Honda CB900F and CB1100R; Kawasaki Z1 and Z1R; Suzuki GSX1100 and RG500; Yamaha TZ350 and TZ750.
PERIOD 6 [P6] – NEW ERA (1st January 1983 – 31st December 1990) Slick tyres can be used, methanol is not permitted, carbon fibre discs and wheels are not permitted. TYPICAL MODELS: Ducati 851; Yamaha TZ250; Suzuki RGV250; Honda VFR400; Suzuki GSXR750 & 1100; Yamaha FZ750; Yamaha FZR750 and 1000; Kawasaki ZXR750; Honda VFR750 & VF1000; Honda RS125; Kawasaki KR1-S; Yamaha RZ500; Suzuki RG500.

The race: BARRY SHEENE TOP 50 (Top 25 PERIOD 5 & Top 25 PERIOD 6)
Laps: 5
Bimota YB5 Che is part of the P6 class. Sunny days made even more spectacular qualifying sessions and races, on Saturday and Sunday. The Barry Sheene Top 50 Feature had riders such as Kevin Schwantz, Cameron Donald, Jeremy Mcwilliams and also local racer such as Chas Hern aboard the Bimota YB5 for the very first time. In fact, only on Thursday prior to the meeting did he actually get to ride the bike for the first time. In Qualifying 95 bikes took to the track hoping to make the cut for the top 50 feature race with only 25 P5 (1973-1982) Machines and the top P6 (1983-1990) Machines. Chas managed to find some clear track and took full advantage of it. His lap time of 1’37.8 (speed 166,78 km/h) would be enough to take pole position and also was under the current P6 Lap Record. Over the 4 Races (R9;R26;R43;R51), Chas and the Bimota YB5 claimed two wins and twothirds to claim the overall victory for the weekend. In race 3 on Sunday, the duo lapped in an incredible 1’36.5 (speed 167,30 km/h) to cement the lap record and also claiming victory.

Top 10: 1. (2) Chas Hern (VIC) - T-Rex Racing - Bimota YB5 P. 86; 2. (52) Paul Byrne (NSW) - DMR Motorsport - MacIntosh Suzuki P. 85; 3. (88) Dean Ouhtred (VIC) - Dynoverks / Carl Cox Racing - Suzuki GSXR 1100 P. 76; 4. (S) Kevin Schwantz (USA) - XR69 P. 68; 5. (427) Pete Byers (NZ) - Suzuki GSXR P. 56; 6. (79) Stephen Kairl (NSW) - "C&M M/C,Prime ApplianceServic - Yamaha FZR1000 P. 55; 7. (56) Mark Wilkinson (VIC) - Kawasaki ZXR750 P. 51; 8. (50) Glenn Hindle (NSW) - OldGoldM/C/GoulburnPowerCentre - Suzuki XR69 P. 50; 9. (37) John Allen (QLD) - CustomCoating&Maintance PtyLtd - Yamaha YZR P. 48; 10. (525) Jarrod Hurst (VIC) - Suzuki GSX 1294 P. 47


Chas Hern - P6 Sydney Motorsport Park lap record

Interviews – paddock: «I would like to thank Rex for allowing me to race such an exotic motorcycle, Growing up as a kid I always held Bimota in such high regard as they built motorcycles most of us could only dream of owning. – Chas said after the race - To come here and race against one of my all time heroes Kevin Schwantz has also been an amazing experience and taking win and lap record has been a weekend I will never forget».

Rex, at the end of the race, expressed his enthusiasm: «What an outcome! It’s nice to be different and the YB5 surely was a stand out this weekend. The bike is very different to look at, and to have it up front and take the victory has been a good weekend. It’s the 3rd time my bikes have won this event and the first with Chas and the Bimota. We will be back next year and with another 12 months development on the bike, it will only get better».

Il Team and Chas Hern: «We would like to thank Bimota and Bimota Classic parts for the assistance in getting the YB5 track ready. Kenma agencies for their ongoing Support, Cykel and Pirelli Tyres, Monza Imports and RST Leathers, Bimota Australia, C&C Motorcycle Engineering, Buck and Peter for their help over the weekend and Jeff from Bike review».

Race calendar for the 2016 season