>>>> "L'ERA D'ORO BIMOTA" <<<<

This book reveals much of the background, the factors that really did happen, some of which are as curious as they are previously unpublished!

Phatos: from the first Bimota bike to their first victories, from their initial World Championship attempts to the absolute joy for the many successes!

Exclusive: it spotlights happenings that led the company to its various historical moments and changes.

Unmissable:at the end of each decade, the book has a list of all the racing and road going models Bimota produced during each the period, all in chronological order and complete with technical specifications, right through to the present day!

Suggestive: And all illustrated with a wealth of unpublished original photos in black/white and color



** Price (including shipping cost Italy) 55 EURO (1 day with express courier )

** Price (including shipping cost Europe) 65 EURO EUROPA (2 days with express courier)

Payment solution: Bank transfer

To order this bookplease, tell us your name, first name and telephone number: bimotaclassicparts@gmail.com TEL. +39-057821986 - WHATSAPP +393343686888

::::: Info :::::Autohor: Saverio Livolsi - Size: 24.3x27 cms - Pages: 384 - Photos: in b/w and colour - Hardbound with jacket - Text: Italian

Bimota Classic Parts Calendr 2016

The BCP calendar comes from the creative inspiration of Paolo Girotti, he selected the best photos received by the contest and by many friends bimotisti. During the phase of selecting the mail box was literally filled with beautiful shots that depicted Bimota motorcycles in many different contexts and fantastic locations. Very hard to select the best photo for the high quality of all the shots, but impossible include all. Therefore this work is a kind of overture for the multiple projects planned for 2016.
Let's look more closely at some features of this work dedicated to a everyday use: every month you can admire a different Bimota motorcycles, a model that left an indelible mark in the precious achievements of historic Rimini factory. Exclusive, superb design and unique, made limited edition and it's marked by a univocal numbering. Each month is designed as a true art work (a portrait of a jewel from atelier Bimota), in fact it is possible make cadres for a gallery of the most popular models, desired and searched by many Bimota fans and collectors.

Formats available on request:
A3: 29,7 x 42,0 cm wall calendar: 19,00 Euro + iva
A5: 14,8 x 21,0 cm desk calendar: 12,00 Euro + iva

Contacts : info@bimotaclassicparts.com – tel. +39 (0)57821986

Mini Bimota DB1

Bimota Parts Classic includes in its catalog the exclusive scale model 1:3 of the prestigious Bimota DB1 - an authentic Special that inflames the heart of the sportsmen and sportswomen. The work presented in Milan during at the 2015 edition of the Eicma.
The model was developed and created by the same person who in 1985 realized, in the design department, the features of the first all-Italian Bimota, thanks to the engine (twin cylinder) Ducati 750. The materials, the painting and the logos are the exact reproduction of the first motorcycle in the world with the full fairing.
A work, a jewel, that for its visual impact and finishing details satisfies even the most demanding.

For further information: info@bimotaclassicparts.com - tel. +39 (0)57821986

News d'Epoca

Inside the magazine Moto Storiche & d'Epoca of October you will find, in the "news d'epoca", a comprehensive article that describes in exhaustive details the activities of Bimota Classic Parts.In addition, this publication is more remarkable by the fact that this magazine is the point of reference for the sector of historic motorcycles and classic. It is undeniable thanks to the efforts of the Bimota Classic Parts in these first months of operation (sponsorships Italian Vintage Open Championship, Endurance, the classic TT 2015 Isle of Man ; participation at national and international fairs, etc.) has awakened new interest on the Bimota brand. In fact, the autor of the article, Franco Daudo (editor of Moto Storiche & d'Epoca  e Super Moto Tecnica), was one of the first journalists to take the positive aspects of the project and to appreciate the strategic choices taken by Paul Girotti - owner of Bimota Classic Parts - as reflected in his own words. This publication, therefore, is not an isolated event, but the beginning of a series of articles by which many fans and collectors will be able to read up extensively on motorcycles Bimota classic and about the historical brand of the Rimini's factory. 

Do not miss  Moto Storiche & d'Epoca available on newsstands throughout all the month of October ...

Bimota Classic Parts at Misano Classic Weekend 2015 - News

The Bimota Classic Parts, at the Misano Classic Weekend on 9-10 and 11 October - a whole weekend to the classic on track and in the paddock with exhibitors, collectors, restorers, motorcycle clubs and many many motorcycles -, organized its first global meeting, inviting all bimotisti to use their bikes and participate in the event. On demand, in fact, will be put on display at the stand BCP, all motorcycles of the current range and the old glories that have helped make famous in  the world the Italian brand. Therefore, you'll live three days of passion completely immersed in the engines and in the legend of the prestigious brand of the factory of Rimini. To fulfill the wishes of many fans and owners of the bikes built by the Italian Atelier also are planned: guided tours at the Museo Nazionale del Motociclo, at the headquarters of the company Bimota, agreements with neighboring hotels to the location of the event, photo exhibitions and exhibitions of motorcycle Bimota unique in their kind. None detail will be left to chance: the owner Paolo Girotti will be glad to present the projects for the year 2016 regarding all Bimota models produced until 2003. Last but not least, you will see up close the Bimota Classic Parts Team and know the riders who will compete in the races of the Italian Vintage Open and Endurance.

Information and reservations:





Bimota Classic Parts at Misano Classic Weekend 2015


Bimota Classic Parts on track with the classic at Misano 9, 10 and 11 October

The Bimota Classic Parts will be at Misano Classic Weekend from 9th to 11th October for a weekend entirely dedicated to classic motorcycles.

For all the fans there will be three rich days full of events that intend to recreate the emotions that the first Bimota aroused, as it begun today's dream.

The Bimota Classic Parts will organize a meeting, that all owners of a Bimota will therefore be able to participate with their bike, also they may put on display their bikes inside the BCP stand.

The theme of the event of this year is the Romagna's riders; there will therefore be a photographic exhibition dedicated to the Bimota's pilot Giuseppe Elementi (better known as Kocsis). To enrich the entire event will be the presence of the original YB1, the first Bimota for official competitions.

To underline the racing DNA of Bimota classic will you admire on the track and on the paddock eight motorcycle sponsored and specially prepared by Bimota Classic Parts for the weekend races and get to know the riders and the team: three YB9 SR (the pilot Michele Casale is competing for the leadership in the Italian Vintage Open Championship); a YB9 Bellaria (with it raced the rider Gianluca Galasso); a KB1 of scud. IF-ZEN (which will take part at the endurance race); a DB4 tricolore, a SB3 and a SB4 of Gerry Team (team manager Antonio Mangino).

At the stand BCP will be exhibited a sampling of the best spare parts and a selection of merchandising.

Also it will be possible (on request) to participate at a guided tour of the Bimota factory in the nearby city of Rimini, where all began.

None detail will be left to chance, in fact, at the stand Bimota Classic Parts qualified people will be available to all the fans of the brand Bimota, and the owner Paolo Girotti will be glad to present the plans for the year 2016 regarding all models Bimota produced until 2003.

For more information and to program participation at various activities, please contact:
info@bimotaclassicparts.com - +39 (0)57821986 - +39 3343686888.

The Bimota Classic Parts became more  International

The Bimota Classic Parts became more and more International,therefore at the historic warehouse on the border between Umbria and Tuscany could not miss the visit of Shin Kondo - the current and historical Bimota importer from Japan. The prestigious and well-known brand "Moto Corse" (http://motocorse.jp/)that in the 90s (and beyond) provided special spare parts, making it even more precious the already beautiful the Bimota motorcycles.In fact, the titanium with very beautiful finishing are very famous around the world. Therefore, if you are interested in these prestigious works of art, please contact us, because as soon as possible they will be again available on our website: www.bimotaclassicparts.com

TT Classic‬ bike 2015 - Isle of Man

August 31st 2015 Classic TT 2015 Formula1 spec bikes pre '92 750cc 4.30 pm GMT+0: ‪Bimota‬ YB4 R (no. 31) sponsored by ‪‎Bimota Classic Parts‬ - raider Ben Wylie - team manager Constantine Blias - AmoreMoto‬
Technical features: Bimota YB4 R (1987) engine Yamaha 750, 41mm flat slide carbies, Quill exhaust, Maxton suspension. The wheels came from last years Alstare WSBK Bimotas.

History is the basis of the future

Dedicated to preserving the history and to ensure its future, Bimota Classic Parts is born, the official Bimota’s brand that will handle the distribution and production of parts and components of all the motorcycles manufactured in the factory in Rimini from its beginnings, from the pretty rare HB1 to the very powerful SB8K.
After a careful study of the archives and a close supervision by Bimota Classic Parts technicians, each detail of the bikes of the past can now be provided, restored and reproduced, so that the bikes can still continue to excite and fascinate on the roads of today as when they were built.
Bimota Classic Parts provides a wide range of replacement components for the mechanical, electronics, chassis and aesthetics parts for all the historic Bimota motorcycles. Its priority is to satisfy the wishes of the passionate Bimotisti or anyone who wants to own a piece of history of one of the most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers in the world.
Each element reproduced is verified in detail by qualified personnel, in order to ensure maximum responsiveness to the original design and the high standards that have always distinguished Bimota in every little detail.
Each operation of restoration and recovery will be certified by Bimota Classic Parts, through a certificate of originality recognized directly by the manufacturer. This assessment can only add value to a product in itself special, making it unique in the field of enthusiasts Bimotisti and collectors.
The owner Paolo Girotti will provide his great knowledge and passion to the Bimota fans.
For the production of the replicated pieces only the very first-choice materials will be used and they will be realized only by those companies fulfilling the best quality internationally proven.
Recognize its own history, and respect it, is a fundamental condition for a company like Bimota, that stands its fame on the passion of loyal Bimotisti since ever.
Thanks to Bimota Classic Parts, Bimota historical motorcycles will return to their original splendor.



Large supply of original mirrors Vitaloni made in Italy, for Bimota: YB4 - YB6 Tuatara - YB8 FURANO - YB10 - DB1 - SB2 - SB3 - SB4 - SB5 - KB1 - KB2 - KB3 - HB2 - HB3 - YB5. There are also rough mirrors, it's possible paint them at choice. It's possible to buy the pair or a single mirror (LH - RH). The mirrors Vitaloni Californian embossed blacks (with two mounting holes 65 mm) are supplied with two screws and a gasket each.


Saturday, July 18th the centaur of Policoro, Michele Casale (owner of Stickers & More) won the pole position with a time of 1:23:247
Sunday, July 19th Michele Casale (riding his Bimota YB9 SR), on the burning asphalt of the racetrack of Magione , with a very technical race, consolidated the first place in the Vintage Italian Open Championship.
The next race will be Sunday, September 13th at the Racetrack Franciacorta...
Bimota YB9 SR (904) is sponsored by Bimota Classic Parts, and Saturday afternoon Paolo Girotti (owner of Bimota Classic Parts) performed a careful set-up to this motorcycle.


Support engine for Bimota KB1

A big demand: support engine aluminium machined from steel billet for your Bimota KB1, very beautiful finish!
The original piece (made of cast) broke easily, but with this spare parts you can use the motorcycle safely, it's also recommended for your KB1 racing.