Bimota Classic Parts: History is the basis of the future

Bimota Classic Parts Po Bandino Città della Pieve

For all Bimota fans in the new historic warehouse called Bimota Classic Parts you can find a great selection of Bimota parts and accessories from the pretty rare HB1 to the very powerful SB8K.

Bimota Classic Parts provides a wide range of replacement components for the mechanical, electronics, chassis and aesthetics parts for all the historic Bimota motorcycles. Its priority is to satisfy the wishes of the passionate Bimotisti or anyone who wants to own a piece of history of one of the most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

Each element reproduced is verified in detail by qualified personnel, in order to ensure maximum responsiveness to the original design and the high standards that have always distinguished Bimota in every little detail..

Each operation of restoration and recovery is certified by Bimota Classic Parts, through a certificate of originality recognized directly by the manufacturer. This assessment can only add value to a product in itself special, making it unique in the field of enthusiasts Bimotisti and collectors.

Thanks to Bimota Classic Parts, Bimota historical motorcycles will return to their original splendor.


Vendita Ricambi

Original Bimota parts sale

100% original parts, in excellent condition. Every detail is carefully controlled.

Riproduzione pezzi

We replicate pieces on order

Pieces reproduced by the historical factories, which since the beginning produced exclusive pieces for Bimota motorcycles.

Riproduzione dei pezzi per cliente

Personalization of parts client-oriented

Production of spare parts for motorcycles Bimota exclusively based on specific requests of every passionate collector and Bimotista. 


Restoration of motorcycles Bimota

Restorations made with obsessive care to increase the economic value and emotional of each motorcycle.


Certification and issuing of specific documentation for the motorcycle Bimota

Certification of originality of each component of Bimota motorcycles, with the elaboration of a data sheet technical and historical. This certification will increase the economic value of the bike and ensure originality.


Bimota motorcycles and Bimota parts consignment service

Management of negotiations through the wide network of international contacts 'Bimota Classic Parts'.


Restoration assistance and sale of service/parts manuals, practical manuals, workshop manuals.

Technical assistance to follow each stages of every restoration. Exclusive sale of original manuals of all Bimota motorcycles.

Expert advices  for buying and selling transactions and for assessments of Bimota motorcycles

Expert advice on high-profile trades and assessments dedicated to each motorbike Bimota. Using a wide network of international contacts in the specialized field.


Bimota historic accessories sale

Exclusive sales of original gadgets Bimota. Wide range of exclusive objects and clothing.


Storage facility for motorcycles in an air-conditioned and alarmed environment

Extreme care to preserve the efficiency and peculiarities of each motorcycle Bimota

Magazzino Bimota Classic Parts



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